• Chirag Bhamre

What were people ordering from their local stores during the lockdown?

After 3.5 weeks since product launch on April 24,GullyBuy Softwarehas some insights for the Pune-Mumbai region.

In the categories shown below, the Top Items covering 40% of ordered item count (and not by quantity or price) were as follows:

*Grocery Items*: Milk, Biscuit, Sugar, Bread, Dal, Oil, Egg, Rice, Cheese

*Veggies*: Tomato, Potato, Coconut, Onion, Kothimbir, Corn

*Fruits*: Mango, Banana <interestingly, they are the most and least expensive fruit>

The average per-order spend in Top 3 categories was:

*Medicines* - ₹ 971

*Grocery Items* - ₹ 702

*Veggies/Fruits* - ₹ 422

Even more interesting are the Top 5 brands. In GullyBuy, customers enter their order in free text. Hence, if users specifically mention a name, that shows strong brand loyalty.

*Top requested brands* - Vim, Chitale, Gemini, Surf, Kissan!

As our apps scale to cover more users, vendors and territories, we will provide consumption analytics at a very granular level (by PIN, city area, even locality), by categories, brands and time.

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