With store registration increasing, GullyBuy latest release focuses on increased store visibility

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Apps for both Consumers and Vendors available on Play Store. iPhone version for Consumers to follow soon. With our store count exceeding 425, it is easy to understand the focus on store visibility in these releases.

GullyBuy User App version 1.2

Released: July 5th, 2020

User App Updates

1. New Home screen with choice of Local Stores, Specialty Stores and Restaurants

2. Select quickly from Recent Stores or New ones added

3. Special Offers – pick one and start ordering from the store

4. Filter from various store categories and pick from available list

5. View stores as a list (by popular demand) as well as on the map

6. Store Catalogs (menu image for now, no item selection)

**Quick item selection from catalog coming soon! **

GullyBuy User App version 1.1

Released: July 5th, 2020

Vendor App Updates

1. Edit shop profile (address, category, delivery yes/no and distance supported)

2. Add staff/helper so that every store person is in sync on new and active orders

3. Capture Vendor UPI ID from QR code or enter directly and validate

** Direct payment to vendor using UPI coming soon! **

Our vision @GullyBuy is to ‘Simplify Life, Simplify Shopping’ for you and empower stores to be online and beat those big guys at their own game. Invite your favorite stores and friends via the and help local commerce thrive! Download from www.gullybuy.com and experience the difference!

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