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Single Store or Store Chain (any category) or Restaurant Owner?

We have a solution for you too! Join GullyBuyTM, our open, public, online marketplace (e-Bazaar) for stores and home entrepreneurs. Sell online to your local or city buyers!


Sellers and Users (Customers) can watch the video below showing how easy it is for customers to place an order and for stores to fulfill it. Our FAQs provide a response to typical queries. 

What is GullyBuy BYOM?: Store Policies

Your Benefits

Quick Start

Start selling online in minutes!

Simple Process

3 steps to service orders: Accept, Bill, Delivery/Pickup!

Payment Options

Cash, Khata, UPI or sign up with our Payment Gateway partner!

Easy Start

Install, Register, GO!


Your own staff or select a Delivery Partner!

Full Control

You decide about Catalog, Pricing, Store Visibility, Social Media marketing!

More Sales

All GullyBuy Users in your local area can order from you!

What is GullyBuy BYOM?: Welcome
What is GullyBuy BYOM?: Features

YOUR online store - make it Successful! 

Provide Best Service

accept and service orders promptly and get high ranking

Do Marketing and Promotions

use Social Media, In-App notifications, Special Offers

Grow Your Customer Base

ask your regular buyers to shop online and invite their friends

Our Fees

Pick from 3 simple subscription plans: BASIC, SMART, SUPER

Why Wait? Be Smart – Be Online! Download GullyBuy today!

GullyBuy for Vendor

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For Customers/Users

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Simplify Shopping, Simplify Life!

GullyBuy to the Rescue

GullyBuy Promotions

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