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GullyBuy Technology and IP Acquired by Hesa Techologies

(Post the acquisition in Feb 2022, GullyBuy's native platform has been discontinued.)

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Build Your Own Online Marketplace (BYO2M)

If you are a large Brand/ Manufacturer/ Store Chain/ Distributor/ Reseller/ Mall, then empower your Sellers and get direct marketing access to Consumers with your own branded online marketplace (e-Bazaar).

GullyBuy’s B2B tech solution enables Brands/ Manufacturers/ Distributors to set up your own private labelled online marketplace.

Your Sellers get online presence within defined area (neighborhood/city). Buyers can discover, shop, and pay online directly to Sellers.

Sellers get a full-service mobile app to receive and process orders, and optionally route them to a Delivery Partner (through our built-in integrations).

You get online marketing access to your Sellers and end Consumers. And much more with custom integrations!

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Key Benefits

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Innovate to Grow

Empower your Sellers to sell online to Consumers and thereby grow sales, enhance your brand, and increase their loyalty.


Reach your Sellers and end Consumers directly with online promotions and surveys.

Sell Direct to Consumer

Sell your products directly to end  Consumers with delivery managed by our technology enabled partners.

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Market Analytics

Improve your marketing campaigns with rich end point sales statistics and competitive information.

Increase Efficiency

GullyBuy can add custom integrations with your other existing solutions (inventory, supply chain, marketing etc.)

Save Crores

Why spend lot of money and effort on developing and enhancing your own online marketplace?

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Save Time

Get your very own branded online marketplace started within 30 days.

Home: Services
GullyBuy’s expanding network of private marketplaces for clients, and their aggregate stores and consumers







Home: Services

Contact GullyBuy at to get started.

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